Welcome!  I'm John Mitchell, founding Director of Mitchell Leadership Consulting.

Our expertise and knowhow is in helping leaders self-assess and develop their own and others' emotional intelligence and the culture of their organizations. Through this we enhance energy, confidence, growth, reputation and profitability.

Our clients include corporates and banks, like Microsoft and UBS, professional firms like KPMG and Allen & Overy, and governments. We work internationally in the major European languages.‚Äč

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In this 7-minute Video, John Mitchell introduces and discusses Leadership, Culture and Emotional Intelligence, with reference to his new book Leadership Faults & Fixes and illustrations on the golf course and at the piano.

Leaders and decision-makers on organizational culture can gain an understanding of the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence and the impact on strategic and financial success.
John Mitchell's new book Leadership Faults & Fixes: Pressing the Refresh Button in Business, Government and Society is unique in joining up previously fragmented aspects of leadership, such as psychology, communication and organizational development. 

The series of 70 Faults and corresponding Fixes reveal the differences in decision-making and communication when only Intellectual and Physical Intelligence are developed ("Faults") and when Emotional Intelligence is added in ("Fixes"). 

It's available here on amazon.com in both paper and e-formats.