We equip leaders to Control Change rather than be controlled by it.

In today's world of increasing "VUCA" (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), the nature of leadership itself is often unclear and its relevance even questioned.

Yet it is only high quality leadership that can counter "VUCA" with stability, confidence, simplicity and clarity.


We are unique in providing Knowledge and Know-how in the four Contexts that define the quality and success of today's leaders:

Geopolitical Context: through online intelligence databases and tailored reports we provide deep and broad analysis and forecasts connecting current issues to historical and future patterns. This is cutting-edge input for corporate strategists and government policy-makers who wish for short- and long-term accuracy and risk prevention in their decisionmaking.

Market Context: our market and sector specialists provide Government, Industry and Financial Investors with concise updates, reports and recommendations that take into account geopolitical, social, technological, disruptive, security and other factors as well as specific issues, events and movements within local and global markets.

Organizational Context: to maintain strategic dominance, organizations need vision, agility and knowhow both in managing their external environments and in their internal communication and decision-making processes.  We provide practical approaches for simplifying and optimizing structure, strategy, culture and performance.

Personal Context: leaders need the courage, vision and other mindset qualities to stay free from potentially destructive influences of short-termism, fear, negativity and "correctness." We provide subtle support through the potential loneliness and moments of doubt that inevitably accompany responsible leadership. 


Our Geopolitical and Market Intelligence has evolved though 5 decades of strictly non-partisan services provided exclusively for Governments worldwide; in a new development, these are now being provided to corporate and other non-government users. 

Our Organizational and Personal Support for Leaders have similarly evolved through R&D and client work in Eurasia, the Americas and the Indo-Pacific over several decades.

We are happy to share client histories and references with prospective clients where appropriate and while respecting privacy and confidentiality.